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90 Million Impressions

Chuck E. Cheese’s is an American icon, and MCC is proud to have built the restaurant’s social media presence from the
ground up to engage digitally savvy parents, especially moms, and cultivate them into rich, thriving communities of
brand fanatics. We developed a thorough social media strategy that began by connecting with the brand’s biggest fans
on Facebook. From there, we created a social media response plan, executed business-building measures, implemented
promotions to support product launches and partnerships, hosted online contests and authored a social media policy for
Chuck E. Cheese’s employees. We launched a program to engage, inform and influence relevant bloggers. And then, we
expanded to other platforms.

All day, every day, Chuck E. Cheese’s engages parents, followers and friends in a two-way dialog on Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest, Foursquare and YouTube platforms designed and built by MCC. Through these social media channels, Chuck E.
gives parents helpful tips, provides information about the restaurant, answers questions, serves as a real-time resource,
offers deals and entertains along the way. With 90 million lifetime Facebook impressions, 275,000 Foursquare check-ins
(98 percent of which redeemed an offer) and recognition as one of the top 50 restaurant brands on social media by
Restaurant Business Magazine, the strategy is paying off. Say cheese.

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